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Ricky from So Cal wanting to reconnect with Anne from Indiana - nursing student

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I was chatting with Anne from Indiana in the early morning hours around 1 AM EST or so on July 17th - July 18th. I'm from So Cal but was on a business trip and stuck in D.C. I was bored and had insomnia. We both didn't regularly use Chatroulette and hit it off. She was a brunette and happened to be wearing glasses because it was bedtime and she took off her contacts. She was a nursing student and lived in Indianapolis, IN. She grew up there. She was testing out her new webcam.

She mentioned her fiance was in boot camp and that she was lonely. My fiance was in CA so we kept each other company with a friendly chat session and some jokes. Anne, if you're reading this, I gave you my email address in our chat session. Message me on this forum. Our chat session must have timed out or something because it went on to finding another partner to chat with in the middle of our session =(.

Hoping to reconnect again. You can contact me by clicking on my user name in this forum and then using the PM (Private Message) option. I didn't want to post my actual email address on this thread because I don't want spam.

-Ricky from So Cal

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