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Looking for: 17year old chick from Canadian chick, somewhere near Guelph who is stuck with an Australian Accent somehow...

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Be nearly a week ago, when stupid Chatroulette crashed! It was about 5am inthe morning your time (thursday morning? 4th march ish).

* you were talking to a russian lesbian before me!
* You wanted to visit New Zealand.
* You watched flight of the conchords and tried to imitate the NZ accent, but you ended being stuck with an aussie accent.
* You had a friend with an accent fetish haha
* You didnt attend regular school.
* you go to sleep anywhere from 4-10am*

and me,
I was wearing a spiderman suit!

I never even got your name, iw as actually quite pissed off we got disconnected. You were awesome!

Here's a picture of you from the chat incase you want to verify its you

of if anyone recognises her, please contact me! Smile

email me @ OR if you actually ready this! Smile i hope to hear from you!

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