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March 24, 2010... Sometimes around 3am Live in the Same state...

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Lost a guy I was talking to... I regret not asking his name when we were both getting along so great. It was both our first time on Chatrolette and I doubt he will even see this.

I wouldn't dare disclose personal information, though I will say a few of our coversations...

He is 20 years old, though I said he looks 17... He told me he here's that a lot. Told him I am 19, turning 20 in Nov. though told him that people say I look 14.

He works at a golf course, that much I know he told me... gets to play games for free. Just got himself a new laptop. Hopefully he finds this...

He lives in an apartment, goes to college and use to live in the dorm before. I go to online college.

He said I was cute and damn I wish I would've exchanged emails with him. It was lucky that both of even live in the same state...

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Hey, that happens to a lot of people, same thing happened to me. Post your story on for online chat lost and found.we'll try to help you. good luck Smile

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